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What’s the Difference Between Vegetarians and Vegans?

February 22, 2018

What’s the Difference Between Vegetarians and Vegans?

There are a lot of myths about vegetarians and vegans. Some people even confuse them because they have habits that are very similar. Although both adore veggies as if it was their only interest in life, vegetarians and vegans differ from each other.

Their diets are different, so as their daily habits. Vegetarians and vegans have a unique style that you should know well. Keep reading and unravel the mystery behind these fanatics of green-rich recipes. Probably you would want to adapt your diet to a more healthy lifestyle by eating more veggies!

Vegeterians and Vegans have a pretty different diets

Differences between vegetarian and vegans

First of all, we should explain to you what's all about, right? While vegetarians would eat an omelet with tomatoes and cheese for breakfast, a vegan would choose a salad made with quinoa and mango. That's because the only thing that is banned in a vegetarian diet is animal meat (cow, pork, chicken, fish). Vegan's diet takes a step further because they refuse to consume any animal made product

Some vegetarians eat animal products like cow milk, eggs, and cheese. Also, they enjoy pouring and sugar meals like cupcakes, pies, and bread from a regular diet. For example, in a vegetarian's healthy food plan you can find the traditional taco. But instead of putting meat in their recipe, they replace it with tofu (a food supplement), lentils, or even more veggies! Vegetarian need to consume vitamin B-12 supplements, because this vitamin is found only in meat.

On the other side, vegans are the master chefs combining green ingredients. Their diet is based on cereal, grains, fruits, and veggies, but that doesn't mean they don't have fun while cooking! Vegans food plan includes lentils hamburgers and delicious pizzas with oatmeal, and sweet potato base.

Besides of the obvious absence of meat in their diets, vegans don't eat eggs, cheese, not even honey. The reason? They're very committed to protecting animals from the human industry! Also, vegans don't use cosmetic that has been tested on animals and do not buy leather bags or furs. The vegan's healthy diet is very creative: they create incredible alternative plates using the most common ingredients!

Vegeterian Burger

Now, their likeness:

Social media is always remembering you that a healthy diet combined with an exercise routine is the secret to be vigorous and in good shape. Probably this is the best advice that doctors and life-coaches could tell you, but, what they don't tell you is how to start.

Vegetarians and vegan lifestyle have one thing in common (besides their love for veggies, of course): they both promote a healthy lifestyle. Despite these are not the only way to reach a fitness code life, it could be a dawning for your body and soul into great habits! Being a vegetarian or a vegan is a commitment that involves changing your life (and the life of your loved ones if you are the one who is cooking).