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Matte Makeup or Dewy Makeup?

February 22, 2018

Matte Makeup or Dewy Makeup?

Matte Makeup is one the most hunted finishes for Oily and Combination skin types

It's true that every girl on earth who genuinely likes and appreciates the fine art of makeup is into trying new trends and new styles. And the whole debate around Matte Makeup and Dewy Makeup is the last one of them. How do we know when to use each one? Our skin-type is suitable for any of them?

But first, it’s important to learn about both tendencies in order to understand their differences. By understanding these two types of makeup we’ll be able to get to the answer we’re looking for.

Matte Makeup: a high cover up

Sebum on facial skin is one of the biggest skin issues we try to fight when we do our daily skin care treatments, or when we are trying a different kind of makeup.

These oil glands create a movie all over the skin by expelling an excess of grease, which makes our face have an undesired shining. Aforementioned happens mainly when the skin type is Oily or Combination.

Matte makeup helps us to control this unwanted shining, while perfectly covering up our skin issues and most of our imperfections. With this in mind, we can say that the matte finish is our best ally to achieve facial skin uniformity.

Health appearance is on trend

New season, new tendencies. The truth is that Dewy makeup is on trend because it gives us a feeling of healthiness, youthfulness, naturality, and it definitely makes us feel like we have a well-hydrated skin. And, what woman doesn't want to embrace their youth and feel brand new?

This type of makeup is suitable for people with dry skin, but it doesn't mean that people with a different skin type can't wear it. Actually, a good technique and a little of matte products will let the skin be ready to glow beautifully.

Wearing Dewy and Matte Makeup and combining them correctly could be the key to achieve fresh and harmonic results.

Late Concept - Get the perfect look with a good technique

In the other hand, we must be careful not to exceed on illumination, when we want to look Dewy; otherwise, we might look like we are going to a carnival with a bunch of glitter in our face.

The best way to prevent an unfortunate result like this is by mixing the highlighter with the foundation, this way you can get an appearance of natural illumination. You might want to consider wearing highlighter on the highest points of your face and then applying matte powder subsequent. You can also exploit a shimmery powder to replace the foundation.

Anyway, we can not pretend that our skin will be healthy if we don’t set an appropriate daily skin care routine that incorporates moisturizing as the positive step. We must never jump our daily routine before and after wear our chosen makeup to face the day because this is the best way to preserve our very natural beauty.