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How to remove makeup properly

February 22, 2018

How to remove makeup properly

Sometimes we can have such an exhausting day that we just want to get home and get some sleep. However, before lying in bed, there are several habits you must never forget to stay healthy. So. just as you take a bath to relax or brush your teeth at night, your makeup removal routine is essential for the health of your skin.

According to experts, if you don't remove your makeup just one night, your skin will age 13 days. Therefore, if you want to preserve the softness and youthfulness of your face, follow these tips:


Your eyes go first

Your eyes must be clean in order to remove your makeup properly

The right way to remove your makeup is starting with your eyes. Almost all of us use eyeliner, shadows or other products that make them look even more beautiful than they are. That's why you need to apply a product that cleanses all the skin.

Be careful not to use too much or to apply pressure on the cotton. You could run out of eyelashes or worse, damage your retina.


Washing your face: the essentials

Pay attention to water temperature!

According to aesthetic and health specialists, facial skin is one of the most sensitive but also the most exposed to all types of damage. Whenever you go out, try to wear sunscreen and sunglasses. And once you're ready to sleep, wash your face with warm water.

Remember that hot water will burn your skin and it won't produce the fat needed to protect it. Also, cold water won't clean up any makeup or cream residue.


Choose a good makeup remover product

Include a nice product in your makeup remove routine

Once you've washed your face, it's important to clean any traces of makeup with a specialized product. Try to choose the one that best suits your natural properties: gels and foams are best for oily skin, while oils are intended for dry skin. If your skin is normal, use a neutral pH soap or milk creams.

Cleanse your skin with a towel

Choose a clean towel to remove your makeup


The last step in a makeup removal routine is to clean water residue and products with a clean towel. Try to use a towel exclusively for your face, this way you avoid contaminating your skin with other things.

golden tip: never rub the towel against your skin, just give small blows until it’s dry. This will help prevent irritations!

Did you know how to remove makeup properly? How are your beauty routines?. Spread the word and help other women to have a beautiful face and a healthy skin!