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How to Erase Spots on Your Skin?

February 22, 2018

How to Erase Spots on Your Skin?

When it comes to the beauty of our skin, there isn't anything scarier than spots. Yes, we're afraid of acne, but that’s because it could leave stains. We all, women and men, try to avoid, prevent and erase those spots because they aren't aesthetics. And everybody wants to have their skin clear and uniform.

Even if we feel uncomfortable with stains, they are more common than you think. They are pigmentation changes which could appear due to the effect of the sun on our skin, pregnancy, genetics, aging, liver problems, some antibiotics and many other reasons. Here we’ll show you some supplies you have at home that may help unify your skin tone naturally.

5 Supplies to Erase Spots on Skin

Lemon and other citrus juice

Citric acid is a natural bleaching agent, which gives shine and light to the skin. Fresh lemon juice exfoliates your skin which will help you unify it. It's so effective to bleach your skin that half of the recipes to erase spots contain lemon.

Apply the juice directly on the stains at night and wash it next morning. Be careful with the sun because it will cause the opposite effect and it will get worse. You can mix it with bananas, tomatoes, milk, sugar, Aloe Vera, radish or turmeric powder as well.

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Purple Onion

This is the perfect ally to eradicate pigmentation marks from age. You can put it on your skin mixed with vinegar or by its own. Pulverized it in the blender or just rub a slice on the spot. Let it work for 20 minutes and don't expose the affected area to the sun after this treatment.

Apple vinegar

Vinegar is one of the oldest friends of the kitchen and skin. Thanks to its composition, it helps bring light to your skin and close the follicles. Apply over the stain with cotton and let it act for 20 minutes. Then, you can apply natural yogurt by another 20 minutes.


Don't throw the shell of the papaya! Keep it and rub the inner part every night on the affected part. Papaya reduces dead cells and spots on your skin. It also prevents wrinkles and it regenerates the skin.


Tomatoes have a lot of nutrients such as vitamins and proteins, which are truly advantageous to your skin. It also acts against free radicals. You only have to rub a slice every day or blend it with lemon juice in equal parts and apply it on the spots.