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Great Christmas Ideas to Decorate your House

February 22, 2018

Great Christmas Ideas to Decorate your House

Gifts, hot chocolate, lights, and mistletoes are some of the most prodigious traditions in the world. Can you imagine a Christmas party without a pine tree or a plush boot? For us it is unthinkable, that's why we offer you some ideas to decorate your home according to the latest trends in the world of design. You'll want to have more than one room to try all of these options!

Christmas new color palettes

Forget about the red/green combination we are all used to for Christmas. According to the design experts, the minimalist style must be preserved in the decorations, which is why you should use sober color palettes that include black, silver or gold.

Bigger is better!

Since the colors are simple and neutral, accessories should stand out. Look for extra-large bows or Christmas balls to add a special touch to your table or tree. If your house is too small for flashy ornaments, use the airspace: walls and ceiling are perfect for hanging pineapples, bows or Santa boots.

Exploit the shine!

While you're choosing your new Christmas decorations, look for vinyl or frosted wall garlands. Electric lights will be always a classic. Light up your parties with style!

Be eco friendly

The latest trends in decoration overlooked the use of recyclable materials and craftsmanship. Be creative and reuse what can be saved. This way, you will decorate your home and save the planet at the same time!

Metallic decorations

Combining them with the fashionable color palette for this year, metallic ornaments are a trend in the world of design. Although they’re not traditional, they will add a unique style to your Christmas room.

Mother nature as a room designer? Yes, it’s possible!

Decoration materials are often expensive, so if you want to save a little on your holiday budget, choose natural elements to decorate your home. For example, instead of buying an artificial tree, look for a natural pine tree. You can also look for pineapples, nuts or even snow to sprinkle around the tree.

Now that you have several new ideas, it's just a matter of getting creative and adding your personal style to your home’s Christmas decoration.