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Exercises You Can Do From Your Office

February 22, 2018

Exercises You Can Do From Your Office

When we work from morning to afternoon in an office, coordinating an extra time for exercise is not an easy task. Some of us might not get enough hours of the day to go to a gym, others are exhausted from work, and all we want to do is to sit on the couch and relax.

Today we are sharing some tips so you can exercise your body without skipping your work schedule.

Exercise and work routine: how to mix them?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), nearly 60% of the world's population living and working in cities is sedimentary. That means that they don't get enough exercise in their daily routine, leading them to medium- or long-term health problems: from back discomfort to muscle contractions and even obesity.

To avoid these problems, the WHO recommends at least 150 minutes per week to an exercise routine. If we divide that by each working day, it equals to 30 minutes a day. Do you see how easy can be to improve your health just by dedicating  a little bit of your time?

Although it has become trendy to do yoga in the mornings or go jogging before going to the office, many have such busy schedules that it is not possible for them to make room to these type of activities. But now, here's an exercise routine you can do from the office without getting out of your seat!

Late Concept - If you’re feeling tired at the office, stretch yourself!

  • To exercise your abs: sit in a proper and comfortable posture and press your abdominals every time you inhale. Then, release them when you exhale. You won't have the abs of Victoria's Secret model, but this simple exercise prevents airs in your abdominal area and muscular problems.
  • Having leg pains from sitting too long at the office? Keep your knees stretched for 15 seconds and then pick them up for 3. Remember to pressure. This will relieve blood circulation and prevent the hateful cramps once you get up.
  • For firm, cramp-free buttocks, keep them pressed for 10 seconds and rest in 2-second intervals. This exercise can be done upright or sitting while your back is straight.
  • If you want to exercise your arms, sit with your back straight and stretch them on your office table for 30 seconds. This will release muscle pressure and the tension.

Remember to wear comfortable clothes and always take care of your posture. Most office accidents are due to poor muscle movements (contractions) and cramps. If you follow this exercise routine, you'll see your health improve instantly. Give it a try!