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Easy Recipe to Make Maki Sushi at Home

February 22, 2018

Easy Recipe to Make Maki Sushi at Home

It is not a secret that Japanese cuisine is one of the biggest and most recognized in the entire world, alongside French, Italian and Chinese gastronomy.

The fact that Maki Sushi, AKA Sushi Rolls, is one of the most appreciated dishes internationally it's not a classified information either.

There are several types sushi, but we prefer to focus on Maki Sushi because it remains as the most popular of them all. We can discover in every corner of the world, thousand of enthusiasts fans of this Japanese dish.

If you want to go further and learn how to do your own Sushi Rolls, then you came to the right place!

Maki Sushi: a recipe for beginners


  • 9 oz sushi rice or white rice
  • 2fl oz rice wine vinegar
  • 1 ½ oz sugar
  • ½ oz salt
  • 1 nori sheet
  • Sticks Surimi (crabmeat imitation)
  • Cream cheese or Japanese mayonnaise (add few dashes of rice wine vinegar and soy sauce to some standard mayonnaise).
  • An avocado
  • A Carrot


Late Concept - Making sushi at home was never this easy!

Be sure you have all the ingredients out and setting them up before start to cooking. Sushi is prepared with really fresh products, that's why you need to speed up the process by cutting the avocado in Giuliana and grating the carrot in the first place.

The most important thing about cooking this Japanese dish is to make the rice properly. When making Maki for the first time, beginners tend to think that the rice is hard and problematic to prepare. But actually, it can be pretty easy if you are patient and follow our tips to adopt the correct technique.

The first step to prepare the rice is to wash it, like there was no tomorrow, and remove the starch entirely. This means that you must wash it over four times, at least, and rub it fast every time. Once the rice is clean, put it on fire until boiling by one minute, then let it simmer for another 20 minutes.

Now it's time for the vinegar. Mix the rice wine vinegar with the sugar and the salt. Pour the mixture into the rice and stir it with a wooden spoon. When you finish pouring all the vinegar, fan the rice to cool it while you continue to stir to tempered all the rice.

After that, you have to shred the crab meat stick with your hands. Then, put the smashed crab into a bowl and add the cheese cream or the Japanese mayonnaise and mix it all.

Spread out the rice on the nori sheet. Put on the crab, the avocado and the grated carrot all over it. You can roll it up manually or use any utensil you like, as the sushi mat or a sushi roller. Once you’re done, cut the rolls with a sharp knife, serve and enjoy your masterpiece!